Project name: Torre Interceramic
Alvaro Moragrega / arquitecto
  • Year: 2019
  • In Partership With: Jose L. Huerta
  • Renders: Artisan
  • Collaborators: Carlos Ruiz Palomino

The proposal has a functional and clear scheme that guarantees an efficient design. It considers mainly two major areas: an urban plaza that gives the city public space as much as pleasant commercial area. On the other hand the amenities are generous and are not limited by the projects density. 

We accomplish this double goal with a central mall surrounded by commerce eliminating costly covered corridors and vestibules, this area has plenty of landscaping providing the project with an urban feel. On the side of Juan Pablo II Av. a promenade is conceptualized with a full street/sidewalk design: trees, benches, bicycle stops, bus stops, etc. The project's amenities are located on the roof of the sixth level were the 2 main towers coincide. It is an ample area that has both enclosed and open spaces that include: gym, bar, terraces, meeting areas, solarium, pool, a children's play park, a dog park, etc. 

The materials used are reduced to basically three: a linear golden aluminum vertical grid that provides the project with a perduring modernity. In between the aluminum cement prefabricated scales act as siding. Finally modular windows guarantee cost effectiveness.