Project name: Casa R&R
Alvaro Moragrega / arquitecto
  • Location: Tapalpa, Jalisco, México
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Completion: 2022
  • House Floor Plan Area: 500m2
  • Design Team: Carlos Ruiz Palomino, Karen Camacho, María José Galindo, Arturo Galindo
  • Engineering: Cero Motion
  • General Contractor: Rodrigo Santiago

The basic is scheme is composed by two volumes united by the kitchen and dining room. 

The volume facing uphill and has the guest room, parking, storage, laundry and yoga class room. The volume facing downhill has the main areas of the house: living space, kids bedrooms and master bedroom that has its own courtyard for the master bath. Both volumes have the same structural scheme: stone and masonry walls and a simple single pitch roof with black tiles.  

The central space of the house is the courtyard formed by the negative space between the afore mentioned volumes and enclosed by the kitchen and dining room that bring together the whole scheme. It is the only area of the house enclosed completely by glass and with a flat roof.